Masjid Al Furqaan is located  at Davuilevu Nasinu and is committed to the Islamic way of life based on the Qur’an and life example of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). We serve as a center for religious development, social, educational, economic, and cultural enrichment. We believe in the Oneness of Allah and the oneness of humanity. We are committed to promoting excellence in community life and human dignity throughout our neighborhoods, city, country, and global community.

About The Imam

Hafiz Maulana Muhammad Kamal attained his primary and secondary education in Nadi before enrolling in Darul Uloom Drasa where he completed the Quran Hafiz course.  He travelled to Darul Uloom Zakariyya Lenasia South Africa where he recompleted the Quran Hafiz with Tajweed course.  Then he continued his education in Darul Uloom Zakariyya Johannesburg  in the faculty of higher islamic studies and passed with A grade, attaining the certificate of Islamic Shariah sciences.  Hafiz Maulana Muhammad Kamal commands an indepth knowledge of hadith science.  Amongst his strength as a Hafiz with tajweed, and his knowledge in Shariah, he is able to deliver islamic lectures and sermons at a very commanding knowledge base and is very popular for this.  His Darse Quran sessions are very enlightening and resourceful. Hafiz Kamal is also taking Quran classes for kids and adults from the masjid.

Masjid Program Flyer

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Banking Details

Masjid Account Details:

ANZ Bank

Account #: 0011411634

Swift Code: ANZBFJFX

Branch: BSB -010 890 Nausori Branch, 45 Main Street Nausori.

Masjid Al Furqaan