Jamea Al Kauthar is a sisters-only private madrassa located at Masjid Al Furqaan Nasinu. Our main aim is to educate children through Deeni Ta’leem (Religous knowledge) that follows the strict method of Islamic teaching in order to maintain the highest of standards in education and discipline.

We emphasize the need to attend classes and to learn Deen with great zeal and effort so that when children graduate from Jamea Al Kauthar, they know what pleases Allah with regard to both Huqooq Allah and Huqooq al Ibaad, so that whatever career is pursued, there will be no conflict in matters of Deen.


Jamea Al Kauthar focuses on individual attention. It also greatly stresses on discipline but adopts a caring and encouraging yet firm attitude towards the children. The teachers are trained to teach in a manner that makes the children constantly aware of their importance to society and to apply the knowledge they’ve gained into their everyday lives. One important and often overlooked criterion is the participation of the parents. The Jamea emphasizes that the parents should play a pivotal role in achieving their children’s educational goals.

Jamea Al Kauthar provides a very exclusive, fully air conditioned, secure, hygienic and fulfilling learning facility which is equipped with dining facilities and all modern learning tools.


Bank Details & Forms

Banking Details

School Account Details:

ANZ Bank

Account #: 10999893

Swift Code: ANZBFJFX

Branch: BSB -010 890. Nausori Branch, 45 Main Street Nausori.

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