“Imdaad for humanity” is the humanitarian arm of Iqra. Over the last 6 years, Iqra has responded to various relief projects successfully. This range from donation towards natural disasters, donation of Islamic books, zakaat and welfare support, cash contribution towards purchase of masjid land and towards building and maintenance, bore-hole water projects, special projects for schools, villages and communities and the Ramadan food pack project.

Apart from our special need initiatives which are fulfilled as and when the need arises, our quest is to provide niche humanitarian support and build a strong collaboration within the community.


We have set our goals towards continuing long term initiatives along these lines:

  • Zakaat and welfare support
  • Food programs
  • Education assistance
  • Basic health care and disability support
  • Responding to needs during natural disasters
  • Islamic services
Banking Details

Zakaat Account

Zakaat Account Details:

ANZ Bank

Account #: 9959478

Swift Code: ANZBFJFX

Branch: BSB -010 890. Nausori Branch, 45 Main Street Nausori.

General Account

General Account Details:

ANZ Bank

Account #: 9959456

Swift Code: ANZBFJFX

Branch: BSB -010 890. Nausori Branch, 45 Main Street Nausori.

Ramadan Food Packs

Ramadan food packs provide Muslims in Fiji who are facing hardships with convenient packs to support them during the month of Ramadan each year. Each pack contains basic food items, for example flour, rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt, powdered milk, tea, etc which are used as ingredients to prepare Suhur and Iftar meals for the family. Each pack lasts more than 5 days depending on the size of the family. These packs are distributed to the needy as an alternative to organizing Iftar dinner at mosques and are targeting widows and those who are unable to attend Iftar dinner at mosques. This is not a Zakat initiative but suitable for those people who do not wish to sponsor a one meal dinner at a local mosque. Download the current project flyer below for details , for Paypal donations, please visit our donations page.

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Ramadan Packs

pdf_icnRamadan Packs
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Zakaat Program

Our Zakaat program helps nurture the Muslim community in need of help.We target families in need of financial assistance and those that qualify as recipients of Zakaat. These families are given a monthly cash assistance which helps ease their financial difficulties. Each recipient is screened by experienced field workers and after full evaluation, are given access to the Zakaat funds. This fund is managed through a separate bank account and has a transparent auditing mechanism for the evaluation of current and prospective donors. Please contact us today if you wish to give your Zakaat money to our project. For Paypal donations, please visit our donations page. If you wish to apply for long term assistance through zakaat, please download the form below,and submit to us.

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Zakat Form

pdf_icnZakat Form
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