Discover Islam project aims to fulfill several needs in the field of dawah work with its productive and effective initiatives. While dawah work is often carried out in one segment, other areas are neglected or not often serviced using the most effective tools and resources.  Discover Islam hopes to make a small change in Fiji through its various dawah initiatives.  Below are some of our current initiatives.

Dawah Gift Bags

Our Dawah Gift bag initiative was launched with the help of premier like-minded international dawah organizations so that a resource kit could be formulated which serves as a one stop resource for non-Muslims who may have several questions about Islam on pressing issues such as the belief system in Islam, the position of Jesus (AS) in Islam, the position and role of women in Islam, education systems, terrorism, the method of worship, and the rights and responsibilities of fellow human beings, etc.  These bags attract people because of its complete and friendly presentation.   Our Dawah gift bags are available free of charge to genuine seekers of information on Islam from Iqra Centric.

Taleemul Haqq

Taleemul Haqq is a complete manual on the five pillars of Islam and serves as a unique resource for new and existing Muslims who may seek to learn the religion of Islam in the correct way.  The book is a famous publication which has been made available by the Discover Islam project in Fiji for free to the genuine seekers of knowledge of Islam according to the hanafi fiqh.  Interested persons may contact us on how they can get a free copy.