Mission Statement

The mission of the Iqra Islamic Trust is to help the community of Fiji fulfil its personal, social, educational and communal needs.


The membership of the trust shall be open to everyone from any part of the world, upon the discretion of the trustees of the trust.


  • Provide needed general guidance and/or assistance to the
    community without any discrimination on gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity or color.
  • Invite people to participate in activities of the trust.
  • Implement education for children and adults through various
    means and through organized lectures, seminars and symposium.
  • Promote tolerance within and outside the membership and within the community.
  • Organize social events which are halal, to strengthen community relations.
  • Encourage cultural diversity with social unity.
  • Make available services regarding major life events. (such as births, marriage, death, illness, etc).
  • Work towards the establishment of educational resource centres, libraries, bookshops, lecture room facilities and a help desk to disseminate free Islamic information on multimedia format to educate about Islam in general and to harbour inter faith so that people of all religious beliefs can be brought together in these inter faith forums and so that no discrimination can exist along religious lines
  • To help distribute halal welfare funds on behalf of fellow Muslims to individuals and the general community who are in need of such funds for their personal and or communal needs.
  • To help distribute the Zakaat on behalf of its members to the eligible recipients of Zakaat.
  • Promote friendly relationship in the community.
  • Undertake various humanitarian projects without any discrimination whatsoever on the distribution of funds from these projects, along gender, age, race, religion, ethnicity and color

Board of Trustees

  • Mohammed Towahir -President
  • Mohammed Sadiq    -Vice President
  • Mohammed Khalid  -Secretary
  • Saizad Mohammed  -Treasurer

Shariah Board

Mufti Uzair Ashraf Usmani (Chairman) (Click to read Profile)

Mufti Hassan Ashraf Usmani (Member) (Click to read Profile)

Mohammed Khalid (Member/Secretary) (Click to read Profile)